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Surviving life-threatening colic

A 16-year-old Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred mare, Heidi needed emergency surgery that saved her life.

Heidi's Story

Heidi grazing on grass

My horse Heidi is a 16-year-old quarter horse/thoroughbred mare. Despite some conformation issues, Heidi has always been an extremely healthy horse with no history of colic. However, on Monday, March 14, 2016, Heidi began suffering from colic-like symptoms and was immediately taken to the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center when she did not respond to any of the normal colic treatments that our vet was giving her.

I personally was not there when Heidi fell ill, as I was three hours away at college. I received a terrifying call from my parents that afternoon telling me that they had arranged to bring Heidi to your facility.

Dr. MacDonald and her team quickly determined that Heidi was suffering from something extreme enough that she required surgery to attempt to save her. At this point, Dr. Brown was notified to perform emergency surgery on Heidi. During the surgery, he discovered that part of her small intestine had become trapped in a small hole in her omentum. If Dr. Brown had not persevered, Heidi would not have survived.

From the moment that my parents and Heidi entered your facility, they were treated with the utmost compassion, kindness, and respect. The medical team's concern that Heidi not suffer, regardless of the outcome, was truly appreciated. There is no doubt in our minds that Dr. Brown, Dr. MacDonald, and their team saved Heidi's life.

I cannot thank the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center enough for saving my best friend's life.

Samantha A. Mooney
Fayetteville, Pennsylvania