Jairo Perez, DVM

Intern, Equine Medicine/Surgery

Dr. Jairo Perez was born in Bogota, Colombia and grew up in Miami, Florida. He completed his bachelor's degree in Animal Science/ Animal Biology at the University of Florida, his pre-clinical veterinary career at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, and his clinical curriculum at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. After receiving his DVM, Dr. Perez completed a 1-year surgery internship at Hagyard Equine and joined the EMC in July 2018 for a 1-year medicine/surgery internship. His interests include equine soft tissue surgery, gastrointestinal diseases, and upper airway disorders.

In his free time, Dr. Perez enjoys working out, playing soccer and volleyball, and spending time with his dog Goofy and cat Bam Bam. Dr. Perez loves to travel and has a life goal of visiting as many countries in the world as he can.