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Matt Hatcher, CF


Matthew Hatcher began his career with horses in 1989 upon completing a B.S. in animal science with a concentration in equine studies from the University of Delaware.

After working at several notable thoroughbred farms in Kentucky, including Three Chimneys and Lane's End Farm, from 1990 to 1999, he worked directly with notable trainers and owners as a training assistant for horses destined for careers in racing, fox hunting, and steeple chasing. In 2000, he decided that farriery would be a logical continuation of his career with horses and began an apprenticeship with Paul Goodness.

Hatcher was a partner with Forging Ahead, LLC (Goodness' first successful multi-farrier practice) from 2005 to 2014, and became a Certified Farrier through the American Farrier Association in 2012. He has shod horses of all disciplines for more than 20 years, enjoys teaching, and always has a reliable group of individiuals to support his business.

An accomplished rider, fox hunter, and board member of the Old Dominion Hunt based in Marshall, Virginia, Hatcher is a well-rounded horseman who has worked at every level in the equine industry. His farrier skills, ability to bring people together, and dedication to horses make him an excellent addition to the team.