The Equine Medical Center uses the latest advancements in anesthesia to ensure safe and effective medical treatment and pain management for horses.

Our specialists, residents, and staff provide special evaluation for patients before, during, and after anesthesia, which includes monitoring blood pressure and blood gas concentrations, and vital heart functions via electrocardiograph. We use analgesics to keep postoperative pain at a minimum and padded recovery stalls to make the recovery environment as comfortable and safe as possible.

About general anesthesia 

  • General anesthesia, which is defined as controlled unconsciousness, can be safely administered to horses for pain-free surgery and medical treatments.
  • Many of the newer anesthetic drugs used for humans are used for horses, and they offer the same benefits.
  • General anesthesia is safe for horses, even those critically ill with colic. Horses undergoing general anesthesia for emergency abdominal surgery often wake up from anesthesia in much better condition due to the physiologic balancing that takes place while they are unconscious and their medical problem is corrected.
  • Pain relief using analgesics is commonly used to balance the horse’s physiologic responses without causing decreases in blood pressure or lung ventilation. This is particularly critical when horses require surgery for colic and are compromised.