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Biosecurity Guidelines

The health and safety of our patients is our first priority. In order to prevent the spread of disease among our patients, clients, faculty, and staff, the following biosecurity guidelines must be followed at all times:

  • Horses suspected of having a contagious disease will immediately be placed in our isolation facility.
  • Visitors must sign in at the admissions office and wear a visitor's badge at all times.
  • Visitors other than clients must sign in at the admissions office and be escorted in the hospital by faculty or staff.
  • Visiting clients are prohibited from touching horses other than their own.
  • Faculty and staff follow strict hygienic measures, including disinfection of their hands between patient visits and wearing protective clothing as deemed necessary by the attending clinician.
  • All patient areas, including stalls, are cleaned and disinfected as needed to prevent the spread of infectious disease.
  • All equipment is either disposed of or disinfected between patient usage.
  • Biohazard materials are disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Clients with questions concerning these guidelines should contact their attending clinician or ask the receptionist for assistance.

We appreciate your compliance and cooperation.