Farrier services at the Equine Medical Center are headed by Paul and Luke Goodness of Goodness Farrier Associates, LLC, a group farrier practice known to produce exceptional results on difficult therapeutic cases and management of high-level performance horses with podiatry issues.

The team focuses on sport horse and therapeutic shoeing, and their philosophy is to share innovative ideas and promote best practices in foot care for horses. Owners and referring veterinarians can feel confident that the farriery team at the EMC will help get their horses back on the right track.

The Farrier Clinic 

Our fully equipped farrier clinic has holding stalls and all-weather work areas. The farrier clinic is fully integrated with other services at the center, including surgery, internal medicine, and imaging, ensuring that your horse is able to receive real-time, state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments. We promote close collaboration among referring veterinarians, our farriers, and our veterinarians to assess and treat horses with challenging hoof and limb injuries, as well as lameness issues.

Appointments and Referrals: 703-771-6800

To schedule an appointment, refer a patient, or inquire about our clinical services, please call 703-771-6800 or email emcinfo@vt.edu.