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Continuing Education and Seminars

The Equine Medical Center serves as an educational resource for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Our continuing education programs help veterinary professionals stay apprised of leading-edge research and advancements in clinical care.

The Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center’s popular "Tuesday Talks" lecture series for horse owners and professionals will be presented hybrid in 2023. Each presentation will start promptly at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month from February to May. Guests are welcome to attend in person or via a webinar link.

Registration will provide you with a link to attend the entire series of four presentations. To register go to:

Tuesday, February 14:  Jennifer Barrett, Theodora Ayer Randolph Professor of Equine Surgery

“Let's Get Moving! Regenerative medicine for orthopedic injuries”
From stem cells to blood-based biologics, the choices for treating tendon, ligament, and joint injuries are myriad. Learn the biology behind the therapies, most notably the evidence supporting their use.  

Tuesday, March 14:  Elizabeth MacDonald, Clinical Instructor of Equine Medicine

"The Scoop on Loose Poop: Equine Diarrhea"
Diarrhea in the horse can range from mild chronic diarrhea to acute severe diarrhea. The common causes of diarrhea in the horse will be reviewed, along with ways to diagnose the underlying cause, and when to become concerned as an owner. 

Tuesday, April 11:  Megan Marchitello, Clinical Instructor of Equine Medicine

“Equine Respiratory Disease: It’s a lung story”
An overview of the equine respiratory tract and common pathology.

Tuesday, May 9:  Teresa Hopfgartner, Resident, Equine Surgery

“Lumps and Bumps - Common Equine Skin Tumors”
While cancer is not as prevalent in horses as it is in humans, cancers of the skin are fairly common in horses and most of them are easy to spot. We will be discussing the most common skin tumors in horses - sarcoids, squamous cell carcinomas, and melanomas - in horses and discuss how the (surgical) treatment is applied and what you can expect following treatment. 

At the end of each presentation, there will be a Q&A session.

There is no charge to attend these webinars, but we ask that you consider supporting the center’s Good Samaritan Fund, which provides financial assistance to equine owners who are unable to financially support the treatment of serious and/or life-threatening conditions when a successful outcome and good quality of life are likely.

Held each year in January, our continuing education event for veterinarians features faculty experts from the Equine Medical Center, the VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine and other equine professionals, who share information on the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. 

Offered in 2023 as a hybrid event on Friday, January 20, guests will have the option of attending in person at either the Leesburg or Blacksburg campus, or via a webinar link.

Attendees will qualify for up to six hours of continuing education credit.


9 a.m.—9: 55 a.m.
"Updates in Equine Neurologic Disease"
Krista Estell, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM
Clinical Associate Professor of Equine Medicine
10 a.m.—10:55 a.m.
"Physiological Methods for Assessing Welfare in Animals"
Virginia Buechner-Maxwell, DVM, MS, DACVIM
Professor, Large Animal Internal Medicine.

11 a.m.—11:55 a.m.
“Regenerative Medicine in Equine Practice”
Jennifer Barrett, DVM, Ph.D, DACVS, DACVSMR
Theodora Ayer-Randolph Professor of Equine Surgery

LUNCH 12 P.M-1 P.M.

1 p.m.—1:55 p.m.
“Infections involving the foot: Subsolar abscesses to deeper concerns”
Amy Santonastaso, VMD, MS, DABVP (Equine)
Clinical Assistant Professor, Equine Field Service

2 p.m-2:55 p.m.
"Inflammatory bowel disease: Update and literature review"
Julia Borgens Castela, DVM
Resident, Equine Surgery

3 p.m.-3:55 p.m.
"Updates on diagnosis and treatment of septic arthritis"
Elaine Claffey, (DVM'14), DACVS-LA
Clinical Instructor

The tenth annual continuing education day for veterinary technicians will take place on Friday, October 27. Registered guests will be welcome to attend in person at the Equine Medical Center or remotely via a Zoom webinar link. Additional details about the lectures and registration will be available soon.

Attendees will qualify for up to six hours of continuing education credit. 

Information about continuing education opportunities for farriers will be posted when available.


To learn more about our continuing education programs, contact Sharon Peart at 703-771-6842 or