Mare Ivy and foal Harper

On a chilly morning, Ivy, a chestnut Appaloosa maiden mare, surprised her owners, Jason and Jay, two weeks early with a very special gift, a beautiful blanketed filly! Veterinarian Sabine Taylor, of Taylor Made Equine Services, was called to check on the foal soon after she was born.

After a physical exam and bloodwork on the farm revealed elevated creatinine levels, Taylor suspected that the newborn foal was suffering from dummy foal syndrome with kidney issues and immediately referred the mare and foal to the Equine Medical Center for further diagnostics and treatment. The foal was a mere 6-hours-old when she arrived at the center.

Stephanie Hernandez, medicine resident, greeted Jason, Jay, mare, and foal and immediately got to work on momma and baby. After consulting with Krista Estell, clinical assistant professor of equine medicine, a treatment plan was formed.

Due to COVID-19 biosecurity restrictions, Jason and Jay were unable to enter the building to visit their new arrival. Jason reports that “Dr. Hernandez went ABOVE and BEYOND, providing multiple updates throughout each day and even providing pictures and videos.” Being first-time dads, Jason and Jay were disappointed that they couldn’t spend precious time with their new addition, but they understood that their mare and foal were in the best hands possible.

After four days in the hospital, Ivy and baby (since named Harper) were ready to go home. Jason shared: “We will always be thankful for the wonderful staff at the Equine Medical Center, especially Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Estell, both amazing people. The center is blessed to have you!”

Since their arrival back home, Ivy and Harper are already making lasting memories for Jason and Jay!

Written by Sharon Peart for the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.