The Equine Medical Center offers enhanced imaging capabilities with leading-edge, high-definition CT technology. Our Pegaso CT scanner, which debuted at the center in the fall of 2016 as the first of its kind on the East Coast, is used in the standing sedated horse to obtain images of the head and neck, as well as the recumbent horse to obtain images of the distal limbs, stifle, and vertebrae to C7-T1.

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Benefits of our CT

  • Provides 3-D images of bone and soft tissue structures at higher resolutions than conventional CT, using vastly less radiation
  • Scans completed in 60 to 90 seconds, and under sedation instead of general anesthesia for some patients
  • Makes previously impossible-to-see areas clear, even with a horse moving during the procedure
  • Provides fast diagnosis of orthopedic injuries, infection, fractures, disease, soft tissue masses, and solid tumors
  • Enhances evaluation of dental structures, paranasal sinuses, the neck, bones, and joints
  • Performs fluoroscopy, which creates real-time moving images

Appointments & Referrals: 703-771-6800

To schedule an appointment, refer a patient, or inquire about our CT or other clinical services, please call 703-771-6800 or email

Our Thanks

The purchase of our Pegaso CT scanner, which was created by Epica Medical Innovations, was made possible by a generous gift from the James Hale Steinman Foundation, as well as additional supporting gifts.